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Nov 26, 2001
Charlotte, NC
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I have a question for those of you in optometry school. I am interested in applying to optometry school next fall and am planning to finish my prerequisite courses. However, in my first semesters of bio, chem, and physics, I received grades of C. My questions is, should I repeat them or just move on and do better in the rest of my courses? Thanks!


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Apr 25, 2001
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You should be fine depending on your GPA. C's are acceptable.. just try to get as few as possible. Try to maintain at LEAST a 3.0 Don't get any D's.. no optometry school accepts D's in prereq's. If you got a C in first semester bio, but then got A's and B's in upper division bio you've pretty much proven to them that you can do the work required. Hope this helps. If you're curious as to how you'd stack up with this years classes call the schools you're interested in a talk to an academic advisor. They're much better at telling you what to retake than I am. ;)


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Feb 12, 2001
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uncjules -

If you are going to retake any class, you should be sure that you would make an A in the course. I haven't retaken any courses, but I transferred from Carolina to IUPUI and a class didn't transfer directly (I was in an honors program and they combined Chem I with Chem II into one semester), so I took Chem II again and earned a 4.0. An important note is that your grades will be averaged together if they are the same class, so if you make a 2.0 in the course the 1st time and make a 3.0 the 2nd time, you're reported grade on your application at the optometry school would be a 2.5.

As cpw said, a C isn't 'bad' in a pre-requesite course as long as you make an A in an upper-level course in the subject area. Freshman-year are important, but not as important as junior-year grades.

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