Repeating Ochem 2 while studying for the MCAT?

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May 12, 2009
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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if you could help me make a decision about courses for spring quarter! Some time ago, I got a rotten grade in Ochem 2 (a family issue came up while I was taking the course).

I am currently studying for the MCAT and am signed up to take it May 21st. Next quarter, I have to take one humanities course and Ochem lab, a pretty easy load so as to give me more time to prepare for the MCAT. I have the option of repeating Ochem 2 to get a better grade. What I'm wondering is whether or not that's worth it, i.e. will it help me for the MCAT and be looked upon favorably by medical schools? My Ochem 2 grade is a bad one among almost all As (I overall have a strong academic record), and I still plan on working my ass off studying the Ochem portion for the MCAT.

Inevitably, taking Ochem 2 would eat up some of my study time for other subjects for the MCAT. But do you think it would be worth it for the sake of preparing for the MCAT's Biological Sciences and rocking the course the second time through?

Thanks for your advice!



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Apr 14, 2009
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I've thought about this too. It will help you and it will be looked at favorably but the organic on the MCAT is going to be very basic compared to OChem 2. If that's your only bad grade, then you shouldn't worry about it at all. If you've mastered physical science and bio, then I say go for it, but time could be better spent taking or auditing g.chem, physics, and bio classes.