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reporting soon to be published article and other extracurriculars?


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Nov 22, 2010
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    So this is actually 3 questions about filling in extracurriculars on the AMCAS
    1) I have an article coming out in a journal in July but it's obviously not published yet, just accepted for publication. How do I put this on the AMCAS?
    2) I presented a case at a nationwide cme conference and think I should put this somewhere in my amcas app. how do i go about doing this? is this just not as important as I think it should be?
    Orrr alternatively, I could put both of these under my current job as a PA because they're both part of my professional development?
    And last question but somewhat related, i received a significant award but the award term doesn't start to July...how do I report this? It's only for 3 PAs in the country so it's definitely something I want to mention.
    I can only really address question #1, based on my experience with last year's application cycle...

    If the article has been officially accepted, then you would list basically like any other publication.

    1. Under "experience type" select "Publications."

    2. Give the experience some name (like "Publication in academic journal" or whatever makes sense to you).

    3. For dates, enter whatever makes sense and is allowed by the system (I think it will accept a future date).

    4. Type in a description of your experience. For my publications, I started by giving a reference, like:

    Lastname, F. I. (in press). Then enter your article title here. Prestigious Journal Name, 69, 666-777.

    The "in press" part replaces the year and signifies that the article has actually been accepted for publication (not just accepted for review). After the citations, I put a brief description of why I thought the article was important (which always related to my preparation for medical school).

    Good luck! :luck:
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