Oct 17, 2013
I've been trying to request my transcripts to be submitted to AADSAS. Doing it through the AADSAS web portal, it says to send the transcript matching PDF form to my school's registrar. The school I go to, James Madison University however; after sending it to them they informed my that they no longer accept paper transcript requests. They use something called "National Student Clearinghouse" which wants me to upload the PDF form and then have it e-mailed to AADSAS. I can't seem to find an appropriate e-mail address use when sending it to AADSAS.

Has anyone encountered this problem or know what I should do?

Aug 26, 2013
NeW YoRk CitY
Dental Student
You need to go to your school and explain to people there to make exception and send it directly as paper transcript!! Make sure they attach your ID form to your transcript, at same time send directly to schools unofficial copy of your transcrip...thats what I will be doing once semester is over =)