Required LOR submitted after secondary?


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Aug 23, 2015
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    My schools have all received 3 LORs, but in doing the secondary applications, I see that some schools require specific types of letters. As a result, I have had to ask for an additional letter from a former instructor. If I send this letter to the schools a couple weeks AFTER they receive my secondaries, will it still be reviewed? Or are LORs used early in the decision process? Thanks.
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      So does that mean if I submit my secondary but there is still a letter marked as "not received" they will not review it at all until they receive the letter?

      Yeah your whole file has to be complete.

      That is mostly true, however some schools will have a say a 3 letter minimum and/or a committee letter option. They may mark the file complete as long as one of those have been meet. However, this is a minority of schools (as most are using AMCAS for processing, AMCAS system software themselves, or AMCAS compliant 3rd party products)
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