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Mar 24, 2003
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VEry interested in plastics and wondering about Research. Is it very necessary. How do you get into research if your school is not research based, Im at my state school and it is primary care based. Im beginning my 3rd yr in july and have my psych rotation Nov-Xmas, a friend of mine told me to do research during my psych rotation. I was in PhD program for 4yrs before med school but didnt finish before school started so took a masters, got one publication out of it but is more research needed? Another thing is how early do you set up 4th yr away rotations and what do you look for in setting up rotations..should I do away rotations at AKA BIG name schools that have many med students rotating through them or should I do smaller programs where I might get to know the docs better or does it matter? Just wondering, any advice would be helpful.
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