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How many programs (estimate a percentage) require you to spend 6 months or longer for protected research time when you dont have clinical duties?

All academic centers? Or just some of them? I'm assuming none of the community programs have required research?

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Aug 10, 2001
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Hey Gradient Echo (cool name),

From what I saw on the interview trail last year, no programs had that much protected research time, even at highly academic places. Some programs, including mine, have a lot of flexibility in the final year of residency and it is possible to get 3-4 months of protected research time.

I interviewed a good number of university programs but did not see any of the top 10 programs for research (WashU, UPENN, Hopkins, etc) so I can't vouch for these programs. I would estimate you could get a good amount of research time at 10% of university based residencies. Most of the residents I've talked to do a chunk of clinical research while continuing clinical duties. Good luck.
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