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Jun 12, 2003
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I tried posting this in allo and pre-allo, but I wasn't having much luck so I thought I'd come here. I know that at some schools, the MD-PhD students are invited to come to med school early and do research during the summer before MS1. Does anyone know if regular MD students (which is what I'll be next fall) ever do this? At one of the schools I interviewed at I seem to remember them mentioning this possibility, but I'm not sure about other places.

I already work in a biochem research lab, and although I don't know for sure which med school I'll go to, it will definitely involve moving across the country. Since I'll be working in a lab one way or the other, and since I would like to have some time to settle into my new city, I thought that doing some summer research could be a good way to go. Also I would love to get the additional research experience. When I posted this in pre-allo I got responses telling me to chill out and enjoy the summer--so I just want to state that I'm not a freak gunner but merely trying to check out my options.