Jul 24, 2009
In order to increase your chance to get in med school, do you have to have research experience even though you are not appling for MD/PhD?

What if you are not science major but like.. music major or something like that, how can you obtain research experience?

Also, what other extra curricular activities are there to impress the dean of admission of med school?


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Mar 14, 2009
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A lot of students do do some research for publication purposes but these students are also bio/chem majors so it would technically benefit them in the long run anyway. You don't necessarily have to do research to get into med school but it would be advisable that you do get some type of patient contact/hospital experience to show adcoms you know something about the medical field.

There really aren't many things you can do to "impress" adcoms since they've probably seen most things already. A typical med applicant has community service/volunteer hours, shadowing/patient contact hours, good GPA and MCAT, part of some club at school and may hold positions at those clubs and also has bench research experience with possible publications. At the minimum you should have these things. Anything more that will separate you from other applicants is a plus.