Research in Third Year Possible???


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Aug 19, 2002
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I'm currently a MSII and was wondering if anyone has had any experience doing research during their 3rd year rotations, and if so how did you work it into your schedule???

Also, if you have, do you feel that it was too much to do in addition to your rotations, or if it hurt your MSIII grades??

I am interested in getting some research in, but apprehensive of the time committment w/ rotations at the same time.

Any advice is appreciated!!!



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Feb 1, 2004
I had a classmate who did chart research during her off-hours during third year. I wouldn't reccomend it, since your schedule during third year is pretty challenging without the extracurriculars, because besides spending long hours in the hospital, you are expected to study for end-of-rotation exams during your free time as well. This doesn't leave very much time for other activities. Your third year grades and evals will be far more important then any small amount of research you can accomplish during your free time during third year. If you feel that you must do research during third year though, I would reccomend trying to get started on a project during your vacation times which you can complete as a fourth year elective (when free time is abundant).
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