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Dec 27, 2004
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I saw another thread about someone looking for a job and it gave me an idea to post this. I'll be leaving my current job for med school over the summer, and my boss has asked me to find a replacement. So I figured, who is more motivated than the compulsive SDN checker? Exactly.

Anyway, it's at a major Boston hospital doing academic research in the molecular pathology of the brain. There is no patient contact, but I have been able to go to some autopsies, "braincutting" (like an autopsy of only a brain) and some of my lab mates have observed surgeries. There is also the opportunity to publish- I've had a few over the years.

Possible downsides: It will be a 2 year commitment, so if you're planning on sending out your application this June, it won't work. You will need to be graduating college in May (or June). The pay isn't great, but neither is any you'd get from academic research. And like I said, there is no official patient contact but lots of other cool stuff.

It's also a fun place with lots of recent college grads, and will definitely be a boost to a medical school application.

If you are interested, PM me.


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Jul 1, 2004
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Great idea! I'm also leaving my research job at a boston harvard affiliate hospital, children's hospital. the job that is opening up has a 2 year commitment. you would be a study coordinator for the head of pediatric psychopharm in the outpatient psych department. There is lots of patient contact (adminster ecg's, vitals, diagnostic interviews, etc) and a lot of opportunity to publish abstracts and papers. We are looking for people who are going to be graduating in the spring and have a psychology background (an interest in medicine along with the psych background is an extra plus so I'm hoping someone on SDN fits that bill). PM with your email address if you are interested in recieving the official job description and directions to apply (or if you have other questions about the job). its a great job!


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Feb 7, 2005
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If I was in Mass, I would definitely PM you both. You both are kind enough to help out the fellow SDN population.