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Holy Macaroni
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Apr 12, 2003
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Do medical schools frown upon an applicant whom graduates with a bachelors a year early to use their 4th year of undergrad in a job setting as a research technician or related position?


california dreaming
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Feb 3, 2004
studying for Step 1
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  1. Medical Student
I don't think they do, 'cause at least you are making good use of your time. That is exactly what I did and I've been accepted. Just be ready to answer lots of questions about your research (and for the MD/PhDs to try and recruit you into research).
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Bad Mojo

Cold as Ice
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Jul 12, 2003
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Overall, I don't think schools really frown on any productive non-educational thing you pursue after school. Whether it is working as a research tech or a teacher or whatever, it only adds to your maturity and "real-world" experience.


Going broke and loving it
Moderator Emeritus
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Mar 31, 2001
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Overall i don't think they'll look down upon that. They may want some updated classes to see if you can still handle school though. But other than that, i don't see why it would be bad.
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