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Jul 27, 2014
Hello guys. USIMG caribbean med student here. Are there one year research programs out there like NIH that let you start after MS3 and defer MS4. I am looking to add a research year before I apply to residency programs. I am currently scheduled for match 2019 but I understand if I take a research year in between year 3 and 4 I will be in 2020 match. Is this advisable as a USIMG? Also I dont think NIH takes Caribbean students, but are there other programs out there that do? Thank you.


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Dec 29, 2016
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You'll have to look these up individually in terms of who qualifies to apply, look into Doris Duke, HHMI, Sarnoff etc.

Why or why isn't it advisable? Are you asking if doing year of research is advisable period, or for your situation specifically? You're going to have to share what specialty you're shooting for, why you're interested in what research etc.
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