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I wanted to find out about doing residencies in countries other than the US, and if this is done, I am assuming it depends on the country where you did your residency for where you can practice. For example, in Western Europe, is it true that if you do your residency there, you can practice almost anywhere in the world, besides the US? If you have information regarding this, please let me know. Thanks!


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Many foreign countries have restrictions on who can be licensed to practice medicine in their country. Anyone interested in practicing in a particular foreign nation ought to get in touch with the authorities to find out the rules.

In the US, even if you are a licensed physician in some other country, including western Europe, to get licensed in the US you must still take all four parts of the ECFMG to be certified to do the usual residency requirement for licensure, which is determined individually by each of the 50 states; there is no national licensure. Sometimes, eminent foreign physicians, usually in academia and often prominent research scientists doing research in a US medical school or prominent research facility such as the Rockefeller Institute in NYC, may get licensed without the usual red tape.
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