We were recently informed that during orientation we will have a one to one meeting with our residency advisor, this is a attending physician part of the residency faculty. What are the resources residency advisor can offer?
What is his role? Is he like an advocate between me and the administration?
Is this my mentor or the faculty I can look up to?
Can I ask him recommendations on my plan for Step 3 exam schedule?


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I'm a faculty advisor for residents. All of the above. Basically we're there if a resident needs help with anything, and making sure you meet all your milestones. This advisor can be a mentor for you as well, but sometimes that's always not the same person. My faculty advisor was awesome, but I had a mentor as well (sports med faculty so he helped guide me to get into fellowship). I learned a lot from both, and they helped me become a better clinician. I still talk to them regularly!
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Varies by program, and you should ask your senior residents for details of how it works at your program.

At my program, I meet with my advisor every few months to just check in on how things are going, how I'm doing personally, review the feedback I've gotten from rotations, etc. That's also a chance for me to give feedback about the program and rotations that he passes along to the PD. He reviews all my charts for the patients I see in clinic to give feedback on those as well. He is also just my go to person if I have any questions or concerns or need advice about something. He definitely serves in a mentorship role for me, and also can give advice about recommendations for step 3 scheduling.
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