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Jul 22, 2002
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Hey all,

How much can I expect to pay for residency apps, plane tixs, and hotel bills when I apply next year? I know a lot depends on how many programs/interviews and the actual cost of plane tixs, but let's assume that I apply to 40 schools and interview at up to half.
I'm guessing that 10k is not out of the question.


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Mar 6, 2002
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Currently, the ERAS fee schedule is
$50 for USMLE transcript
$60 first 10 programs
$8/each #11-20
$15/each #21-30
$25/each thereafter

So 40 programs in one specialty would run $590. It gets cheaper but more complicated if you're applying to military programs or multiple specialties. More details at

Travel and lodging costs really can be anything. Assume a per trip cost of $400 when flying ($200 plane ticket, $75 hotel, $75 rental car, $50 food & misc.) and $125 when driving ($75 hotel, $50 food & misc.) If your trips are split 50/50 flying and driving, they you would approach $6K total ($4000 + $1250 + $590.)
Of course, as you alluded, this will vary so wildly that hypotheticals don't mean much.

But ... this topic interests me. I'm surveying my 4th year classmates and hope to have data on actual spending by matchtime.
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