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Jan 14, 2004
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What residencies are currently specifically available to DO's? I have found listings of allopathic residencies, but aside from match lists from each respective institution, I cannot find comprehensive residency lists for DO's. Also on this note, how much do these residencies differ? Is there more OMM? Are all the attendings DO's? What if you go into Opthamology (or something that doesn't commonly use OMM?), are those residencies still done by DOs? Note, I am not arguing for or against either MD or DO, I just want know the residency differences?

More specifically,
1)How exactly do allopathic and osteopathic residencies differ? (not getting into accreditation specifics)

2)Do they have a DO residency program for all the medical specialties as well as the submedical specialties (i.e cardiovascular disease)

3)Are there any comprehensive lists of osteopathic residencies? (allopathic has one on

Thanks ahead for any info!!!!!
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