Residency Interview preparation available resources.

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Jan 29, 2018
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As we enter critical phase of Residency application and upcoming season of residency. I will welcome all ideas availalbe regarding preparation for interviews. So we are fully prepared.
1. subject matter competency. 2. Soft skills and demeanor competency. 3. Do and dont during interviews.

please help reply with all available resources. Any highly recommended Paid resources or any recommended free resources, that you may have used and benefited, so that we put our best foot forward when time comes to be in front of decision makers.

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You likely have access to resources already from your student services team. Is there something specific? We do have program directors that have posted over the years, but maybe you have concerns with virtual interfaces?

2. Soft skills and demeanor competency. 3. Do and dont during interviews.

We have free articles.
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Interviews are mostly about gauging your fit and for you to feel out a program and see whether it has the elements you want as well.

Best things I can think of for prep:

1) have a good concise answer to the “tell me a little about yourself” question. By far the most common one you will be asked.

2) learn a framework for answering behavioral based questions. These are the dreaded “tell me about a time when…” questions we all hate. Many systems out there for answering these - I use the SOAR method: one short sentence to give the Situation, another to describe the Obstacle, the next for what Action you took, and finally give the Result and Reflect. Just something to keep you on track because it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole.
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1. Get on youtube and search for how to have an amazing camera setup for Zoom (lights, angles, background, etc).
2. For extra interview practice, check out fiverr and search "residency interview" or just "interview" in general. There are lots of attending physicians, residents, and former adcom folks who, for a nominal fee, will do mock interviews with you and provide advice for improving afterward.
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Search articles

Our school provides Big Interview Medical, which I’ve found to be excellent. They have lots of walkthroughs of common interview questions and examples for various specialties. I’m not sure how much it costs but I’d recommend it
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