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    If I plan to go into primary care(DO), is the residency length 1 yr of internship and 3 yrs of residency to make for a total of 4 yrs? Thanks!
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    Sep 29, 2000
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    No, the total for FM is 3yrs. The only snag might be if you do a DO internship then decide to do the other 2 years in an allopathic program. They may or may not accept the AOA internship. I only know one person who was in this situation, but the MD program accepted his internship so it wasn't a problem.
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    Oct 1, 2000
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    The way I understand it is that if you choose to do the one year internship, then apply for an osteopathic match, you will have to complete another 3 yrs. of residency on top of the internship. If you choose to complete an allopathic residency you may or may not have to complete all three years of residency.
  5. FM is 3 years in both the DO and MD world.

    the second post is correct, if you do a DO internship and then apply for the MD resid, you will have to get that intern year approved toward the total 3 yrs. but if you stay DO, one year intern, two yrs FM. so, they are both three years. basically it is one of the fields where the rotating intern is so much like FM, of course it would count toward the resident years.

    the fields we do more "time" , for example is OB/GYN. it is a 4 yr program DO/MD. but if you go DO, you have one year prior that is intern, total five yrs ( oh, there are some fast track programs. . .a lot of stress but cuts off one yr)

    hope this helped

    ob/gyn wannabe

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