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Jul 25, 2008
Boston, MA
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Hi guys,
I'm just a 1st year dental student, but I'm already thinking about how I'm going to pay off my $350,000 debt.
I'm planning to graduate, work for a few years for someone else and then, hopefully, open my own general practice. I don't want to specialize, i don't want to do residency, and i don't want to live elsewhere.
When new graduates apply for jobs what do they put on their resume?? I had plenty of jobs prior to dental school, i even worked at a dental office for 5 years while in high school & college, but i think thats silly to put on my future resume, or is it?? I'm just wondering what do people put and if i should start thinking of doing something extra while in dental school. I know you might say try to do research or run for a officer position in my class, but i'm so overwhelmed with courses, it seems unrealistic for me to do anything else while I'm here and still pass. I will volunteer, once i'm allowed to actually do something, like place sealants on children, etc, but do you even put that on your resume or do employers only care about your degree & years of experience as a dentist?
thank you in advance


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Nov 26, 2012
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I would just make sure you write down everything you do for the next three years. I've just finished my resume and it was hard to remember all of the details....had I written it down it would have gone faster.
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