Retake Classes? Timing of application?

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Aug 8, 2010
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Hello, I'm an engineering grad student, taking pre req's. 2 quarters ago I got a C+ in general chem. since then I've got an A- in my 2nd gchem class, and B's and B+ in my bio and engineering classes.

I have the option to retake that gchem this summer to salvage my GPA, but do you guys think it's worthwhile to do it? I'm taking classes at Stanford, C+ here is probably not better than B's from other schools but there are a lot of cut throat pre meds here.

If I do end up retaking that class in the summer, when should I apply to dental schools? after summer classes are over? or apply with a C+ and somehow amend it after grades come out?

Also when exactly should I take the DAT? can I apply in June, and send in my DAT and Transcripts late august and not be in an disadvantage?