MD & DO retake or apply?

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You have a very good GPA and your ECs are nice. It’s that MCAT. If you want MD you have to retake. And you probably should for DO too. But it’s risky to retake so soon. You need to find out what happened last time and fix that issue. Another horrible MCAT will sink your application. How many schools did you apply to? Have you been verified yet? Personally I would probably withdraw this cycle. With a much better MCAT you could be looking at some high tier schools. But it’s up to you. Good luck.
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I would take a breath. Take your time on a retake and do it right. I think DO schools will take a January score (but no MD). Obviously September is possible only if you really put your chips in and push for a high score. If you want to bet on yourself, you know what happened and what things you need to change.
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If I think I can get a 505 at least and take it in September will it be too late for this cycle?
September is late for this cycle for MD schools. You have a good GPA and ECs. If you scored a 512 on the MCAT you could receive interviews at schools such as Columbia and Cornell. Plan to take your MCAT when you believe you can obtain a score similar to your practice scores.