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May 25, 2002
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Hi there,
I got a C in organic II. My overall organic chemistry grade is a B, however I know that schools look heavily at your ochem grades. My overall science gpa is a 3.6something. Should I retake?

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Sep 21, 2002
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That is news to me that adcoms look highly upon your ochem grade. I mean sure it is a pre med requirement but i dont thnk they particularly look upon that one so much. If you havent taken the mcat yet, it may be helpful and a good review to take it again anyway but if not just stick wtih a C. By the time you average in a grade it probably wont even boost you that much, even if you get an A in a retake. If your other grades are fine i wouldnt worry about it. good luck.
Jan 17, 2001
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Ochem is looked heavily upon my adcoms because it is most challenging couse in the prereq's, at least according to my premed advisor.

If you have enough time to might want to take it again, but if you do make sure you get an A. However, if you are science major and will be taking more difficult courses such as Biochem you probably don't need to take it again if you do well in more advanced science courses.

Good Luck.
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