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Oct 9, 2003
Madison, WI
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I was looking around at med school advising websites hosted by various colleges and came upon one stating that the application for DO schools DOES factor in grades for repeated classes (ie grants you the most recent grade), while apps for MD schools do not. Does anyone know about this?

I need to take some steps now to try to cancel out an average first few years of undergrad, and retaking classes might erase those bad grades for DO schools.

Thanks for your help.

osteo emt

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Jul 13, 2003
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any class u retake they will use the better grade assuming u do better the second time around in that class. The better grade is used in the cum. and science gpa calculations. However, schools still see all your transripts, meaning they will see all your grades. Aacomas will only use the better grade in your gpa calcs. though. I think its a good idea to retake some of the science prereqs if u got a c or below. I did it and think it helped me get in..........osteo.
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