Retaking MCAT and applying to schools that screen


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Nov 30, 2008
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I tried to look up the subject for my question but all of the threads are from more than a few years ago. To put it short, I am retaking the MCAT at the end of this week and have not yet submitted my application since I am still working out the list of schools. I indicated that I will be retaking on the app, so I guess I wont be complete at some schools until the numbers come out.

I am applying to schools that do screen such as the UCs (CA resident). I wanted to know that if I submit now, will I be screened out due to my scores and forfeit any chance at these schools, especially the UCs? Or will those schools hold my app until my new scores come out to send me their secondaries?

GPA: 3.82 sci and cum.
1st mcat: 9ps 7vr 10bs = 26P
2nd mcat: aiming for a balanced 30-33
ECs(research, pubs, conferences, awards, volunteering, clinical)/letters/personal statement all solid

Thanks for the help! Just getting nervous at this end of the summer..


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Apr 2, 2007
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I have not heard anything back from ANY school (including all of the UCs) that screens applications, but my application isn't verified yet (I submitted it 3 weeks ago). I gather that they won't screen your app until it is verified by AMCAS, and right now it is taking upwards of 4 weeks to verify a newly submitted application. You'd best submit your application now because you'll receive your MCAT scores before your app is verified.


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Jun 2, 2009
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you need to submit your AMCAS app ASAP. You can add schools later.
Schools won't see your app until it is verified by AMCAS and if you indicated that you're retaking the MCAT, the schools that screen won't screen you at all until they get the new scores.
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