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Jan 11, 2019
I’m a Masters student in a biomedical sciences program. The program is essentially an SMP with linkage to their medical school. I have a strong GPA but need a 500 MCAT minimum in order to be admitted this cycle. I was a bio major in undergrad and most of my masters has been focused around biochem work.

I took the MCAT for the first time in Sep 2020 (shortened version) after a few weeks of studying. I knew I wasn’t prepared but was already behind everyone with my application and rushed to take the test. I got a 492 despite scoring 500 on AAMC FL 1 and 2. But this was expected because I found the test to be super hard (also not a surprise).

I retook the exam a few weeks ago, which was the normal length version of the exam. I prepared for about 5 weeks with Miledown ANKI for content, some videos, and working through all of the AAMC material. I got a 505 on FL3 and 503 on FL4. So, I thought the worst I could do on the real exam was a 500. But, I got a 492 again.

The difference for the second exam was that I felt really confident about B/B and P/S and thought I had around 10 missed questions for each section. I ended up with a 123 B/B and 124 P/S, so this really threw me off. I always struggle with C/P but CARS I did well on the first time, and assumed I would be fine because the full length scores were okay for that section.

I don’t get how I still got the same score when I was more prepared and was getting decent full length scores.

The chances of me being accepted this cycle are slim, but my research supervisor on the medical school admissions advised to retake the exam in may or June to still have a chance. I’m not going to rush this time and want to shoot for at least a 510 to make up for the past two **** ups.

I work 40 hour weeks in lab and don’t get any time off to study. I need help coming up with a plan to do better this time. I usually pull off decent grades with basically cramming for all of my exams so I think the long term studying is maybe throwing me off.

Can anyone recommend what they did to bring up their score? I know I can do better, but just need some solid guidance first.

Thank you in advance :)

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