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    1. How is retinal imaging used? for AMD? for glaucoma? for pseudo vs. macular holes?
    2. Is it being used as a secondary test or is it now your primary tool?
    3. Does it replace another piece of equipment or does it supplement?
    4. Easy-to-use? Can they be operated easily by techs or assistants?
    5. If you were starting a practice or associating, would any of this equipment be a requirement before joining?
    6. What was the big help in your research? Colleagues? Show floor demos? In office demo?
    7. Contact email addresses of OCT,HRT or Talia sales reps or marketing people?

    Thanks very much.
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    We use OCT3 in clinic now. Last year, OCT was a research tool.

    1) We use the OCT to help diagnose certain retina diseases: pseudoholes, holes, and CME. There's not much data on the use of OCT with other retina diseases yet.

    We also use OCT in glaucoma and neuro-ophthalmology to determine NFL loss and follow progression of optic nerve disease or glaucoma. For instance, if a glaucoma suspect has 0.7 C/D OU, low pressures, normal corneal thicknesses, normal VF, and thick optic nerve NFL on OCT, then we are less worried about glaucoma. OCT helps to support the diagnosis, but it isn't the only test to determine who has glaucoma.

    2) OCT is mainly used as a secondary, supportive test.

    3) Answered in 1 & 2.

    4) OCT is easy to use. Our photographers run the machine.

    5) OCT is not a requirement, but a nice supplement.

    6/7) Because I'm not in charge with buying equipment, I can't really answer these questions.
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