Jun 24, 2009
I know it's best to rewrite my PS, but all of the places I interviewed talked about how much they liked it. I don't want to mess with a good thing. And I like it. And not much has changed, I've just continued doing the research, clinical volunteering, shadowing.

But I was waitlisted last year, so it couldn't have been THAT good. I think the waitlisting was entirely due to my MCAT (29Q). My grades are good (cGPA: 3.6, sGPA: 3.8), experience is great, non-trad with a family and a master's degree. I honestly can't believe I got interviews with a 29Q so I'm retaking the MCAT in Sept. My practice tests have been averaging 34 so I hope that will make up for the MCAT weakness.

Otherwise, is it really bad form to resubmit the same essay?


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Oct 19, 2007
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Good question. I think you could go ahead and use the same essay, but modify it to include the fact that you are a reapplicant. I think this way they know that you actually put effort into your PS this year too, and you can give them an idea of what impact the reapplication process has had in your life. If you give them the impression that you are positive-thinking and not willing to give up, it could improve your chances. But yeah, at the end of the day I think it won't make a huge difference, since it seems clear that your PS was not the problem last year. That MCAT is what they will be watching.