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Aug 7, 2009
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I have this question for my cousin. She has done high school outside of USA (actually she has just taken exams and waiting for HS results which are due in a month or so). She does NOT need any visa.

Now she is preparing SAT in order to get into college. She was very good student (A+) back former home and she had pre-medical courses there. She is thinking about allied health profession. It comes with so many flavors like RN, NP or PA.

I have few questions, and I hope someone will answer those?

Q. In order to do NP one needs to do RN first or any bachelor of science is fine? Ture or False. Does RN has to be BsN or diploma of Nursing is also fine of depends on school?

I assume she should apply to RN school which offer bachelor' degree so that her options are open after that. Ture or something else?

With medical schools it is clear, every one done MS then apply to different residencies.

In practice there nurses in different fields like anesthesia, ER, trauma or ICU, or radiology etc. At which stage one branch out into any particular field. Does every one does RN first then branch out or one has to decide within RN school what they want to do.

How much does it costs to do RN? Tuition fees range? Any scholarships or assistance usually available?

Does most RN school require boarding or depends on school?

While she is preparing SAT does it look bad on her application she is only studying or she needs some American experience like shadowing etc or she can use like getting familiar to US culture or improving her English etc?

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She can do an associate or bachelors degree in nursing.

It depends where you are. In California, many hospitals seem to prefer BSN RNs than ASN RNs. I haven't heard of any new RNs with diplomas being hired, but if you live in one of the flyover states it may be different.

She needs to spend some time in hospitals. Shadowing may not cut it nowadays.

She can get her CNA in a short time and work in a hospital while pursuing her degree.

NP would be down the road after her BSN.

Hope that helps. Good luck.