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Road to PT



Hello, I'd like to know how realistic my goals are for the upcoming few years as you might call me a non-traditionalist. First a bit of background; I received an undergrad in Teaching (history) and taught for a few years. I had initially began college as a Bio major but my first few years were very rough (I took Bio 1&2, Chem 1&2, Genetics; GPA was trash across those classes). After 2 years of this I changed my game, took history and teaching classes and changed my study habits which resulted in a massive positive change to my GPA.

Anyway, I'm planning to retake all of the Bio/Chem classes I'd initially not done so well at a local Community College then proceed to take the remaining Pre-reqs. How realistic would my prospects be at getting accepted into a PT program with the fact that I'd taken a number of Pre-reqs and not done well about 4 or 5 years ago? If not, what can I do to be competitive against a traditional applicant?
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