Dec 2, 2010
I could use some advice and feedback.

I am trying to scope out prospects for post-bacc work and am unsure as to what would be an ideal fit....

I finished a degree in undergrad with only one (Organismal Biology: C+) dismal science course to my name.

Overall GPA: 3.33

Decided that I would pursue DPT and cobbled together coursework between three institutions (two universities, and one community college).

Science GPA: 3.77

University Work:
Anatomy: A (State School)
Physiology: A (State School)
Advanced Biology: A- (Loyola Chicago)

Chemistry A: B- (Loyola Chicago)
Chemistry B: AB (State School)

Community College:
Calculus: A (CC)
Org Chem I: A (CC)
Physics I: A (CC)

Recognize now that I want to pursue medicine but am worried as my records display a lack of consistency due to moving often despite upward trend. So now what? Settle down and just own a bunch of upper level post-bacc courses at one solid school (am confident in aptitude just need some strategy) or retake the entire prereq bloc?

I am tempted to just take the entire bloc all over at one school to demonstrate aptitude and consistency -- is this best? I recognize that the higher level courses at CC don't cut it and would love to just do a streamline post-bacc but I suspect traditional formal programs will see all the sciences and send me out the door. You see I have created quite an interesting predicament for myself.


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Oct 30, 2006
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I don't think you particularly have to worry about changing schools and changing your mind. That's normal. Just focus on putting together a great med school app from here out.

However, I don't see the premed prereqs in your list of coursework. The standard is one year each, with lab, of chem/ochem/bio/physics. This is the material tested on the MCAT. Chem/ochem/bio need to be the variants that are for chem/bio majors. Physics doesn't have to be calculus based, but it does have to include labs. Note that A/B/I/II are *not* standard coursework designations - look for the premed adviser web page or the bio/chem major web pages for info. There are "nursing" science tracks that are great, but don't prepare you for the MCAT or for med school - it looks to me like this is what you've taken.

In your shoes, I'd be looking for a 4yr university where I could do all the prereqs in series, as you mentioned. You might see some material again, but this way you'd have a nice clean year+ of dedicated premed work.

Go ahead and apply to structured formal postbacs - see what happens. Shop around, though, don't skip over public schools or extension programs that have good reputations.

Best of luck to you.
Dec 2, 2010
Thanks DrMidLife. You appear to be a reservoir of info and guidance for a lot of people who are anxious and lost amidst a complex process. Your efforts are certainly appreciated.
Nov 2, 2010
I totally agree - Dr. Midlife is very very helpful!!! Thank you Dr. Midlife for the responses you gave to me earlier too!
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