Sep 2, 2015
Hello Everyone,

I apologize for posting this, I preferably like to solve as many problems as I can myself but this is outside of my control, and I'm frustrated I can't fix it. To start off I would like to say that I am a DO, planning on applying for AOA EM residencies in this coming match cycle. I recently had an audition rotation canceled (program closing, decided not to take any new residents this year) and now I'm up a creek. My rotation was scheduled to start Sept 21st and end 4 weeks later on October 16th/17th. I have been calling around and emailing programs trying to get a rotation spot to fill it with but haven't had any luck. I was hoping that someone on here had any ideas or could point me in the right direction/help me out.

I know everyone here is extremely busy, and I don't want to bother you, but im starting to get worried that I will end up wasting this rotation slot. Any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all very much!

- OMS2016!


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I just went through this and after a dozen or more emails and phone calls finally found a program. Be honest about why you need a spot and don't give any one program more than half a day to get back to you before contacting another. They will understand you are talking to as many as possible. I don't think the program that took me really had room for one more person but they were willing to work with me under the circumstances.
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Sep 2, 2015
Thanks for the words of support, I actually just got a call back and managed to find a program that had one slot open for when i needed. After enough emails and phone calls it did pay off! Thanks guys!