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Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by study buddy, Oct 2, 2001.

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    The visiting student applications I am looking at for electives want me to complete all core rotations before I do an elective at their hospital. Is this an absolute requirement, i.e., if I have most of them done do they make an exception?
    I have tried contacting the hospitals but haven't had much luck.

    Also, by what date is it best to have the rotations at the hospital you are interested done, so that they will know you when you apply?

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    Well, it depends which core rotations you haven't done yet. The programs I looked at for visiting rotations expect that you've at least done Medicine, Surgery, and Peds. Usually Ob/Gyn is expected too. Psych is +/-. If you're doing a non-psych rotation, then most programs will be okay without you having done that core.

    As far as when, that's a good question. The absolute latest I've heard people do away rotations is December. After December, programs are well into interviewing, and I've heard it doesn't do you much good to do your rotation then.

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