Rough estimate of my chances applying in July-August

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Nov 6, 2021
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Hey yall, I’m studying for my mcat rn but my AAMC fl 1 score was 491 in march and I’m planning on taking the test either May or June. Honestly aiming for a 505. My gpa is 3.75 and I’m a trad applicant. Do you think applying late July - early august with around those stats will give me at least one A? I’ve completed my entire application and have had many advisors review it, they were impressed with a lot of my achievements and writing, they said if I can get the mcat score I have a pretty good shot at getting in this cycle. Just worried that applying in august might be too late. Also trying to stay within the east coast .

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I'm an advocate for applying early. I had a 503 MCAT, 2.9 Science GPA and 3.2 Overall GPA. I firmly believe the A I received was, in part*, because I applied as early as I could.
*I also worked my BUTT off with a gap year to have solid research, volunteering, and clinical experiences to really build my application and show who I am, not just what I was like in College. (Non-trad student with a disadvantaged background).