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Discussion in 'Dental' started by Teufelhunden, Dec 1, 2002.

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    Attending Physician look in phone book and lots of maxillofacial guys (and gals) are dual degree (MD/DDS, etc)

    a friend of mine i met at Navy OIS was a dentist, and said there was a way she could get her MD in two years...i'm guessing they were giving advanced standing...bring you in as an MS-III (?)

    anyway, my question is: does this ever happen in reverse? do dental schools ever grant advanced standing to MD/DO graduates? anyone ever heard of anyone doing this?
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    I don't think that could happen because you have a lot of pre-clinical lab work during those first two years. If you really want to be an OMS, I would transfer to dental school because a DDS is a pre-req
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    I've never met or heard of anyone that is a MD or a DO and went back to school to earn a DDS or a DMD degree for the sake of getting a dual degree. I guess why would they (MDs and DOs)unless they wanted to be an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon?!

    From what I know of 6-year OMS residencies that award a MD degree at the end, the program participant will have to complete the two year clinical rotation medical school curriculi (year 3 and 4 of med. school). A sample of an 6-year OMS residency program:

    Year 1 - OMS residency
    Year 2 - OMS residency (include anesthesiology, etc.)
    Year 3 - 3rd year medical school
    Year 4 - 4th year medical school
    Year 5 - Various Surgeries rotation
    Year 6 - General Surgery residency

    Now lets say that we have a MD or a DO that wanted to be an Oral Surgeon, I'd assume that (s)he would have to complete at least a year or two of dental school curriculum to learn about dental anatomy, morphology, periodontium, and occlusion. Since general 3rd and 4th year of dental school curriculi includes rotations in dental specialties (Endo, Ortho, etc.) and comprehensive patient care, I would think that our MD/DO OMS wannabe does not have to do the"traditional" 3rd and 4th year dental curriculi!

    I don't know, this is a very interesting circumstance and situation. I wonder what would dental schools do to tailor a MD or DO's interest to pursue an OMS certification?

    POINT OF CLARIFICATION: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is THE ONLY way for a DDS/DMD to earn a MD degree. I do not know of any allopathic medical schools in the United States that will admit DDS/DMD applicants and bring them into their curriculi as MS-III to earn a MD degree! If a DDS/DMD does not want to do Oral Surgery and WANTS a MD degree, (s)he MUST apply to medical school just like everyone else including taking the MCAT.
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    Yes and MD can get advanced standing at a dental school if the MD wants to become an OMFS...

    As far as a DDS getting an MD....there are over 50 med schools who have this option set up for OMFS residents.

    The length of the programs vary from 5-7 years with 6 being the norm. All the schools differ in what classes, if any, are waved.

    That's right, some wave classes and others require about 3.5 years of the 4 years of medschool.

    email me if you have questions....

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