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Mar 1, 2004
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I have been accepted at both Rush and Loyola, and I am having a very hard time deciding between the two. Academically, I think they are very similar and that is the reason I am having a hard time deciding. Any suggestions anyone???

My impressions so far:

Loyola - Great facilities, people seem friendly, good class schedule with plenty of time to study

Rush - In the city (I live in Chicago and am not moving to Maywood even if I attend Loyola), rotations through Cook County, good network in Chicago, but 9-5 classes (even though almost no one goes to every class)

Are any of these perceptions right/wrong? What are other people's impressions and why? Has anyone had to decide between the two, and if so, why did you choose one over the other? -- Better clinical experience? Better residency placement? Better training overall and preparation for life beyond medical school?

Please help! The clock is ticking and May 15 will be here before we know it!


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Dec 6, 2003
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Rush vs. Loyola is a tough call for sure. I got into Rush, and I plan on attending there for sure. My girlfriend, however, is a first year at Loyola now. The reason the choice between the schools is hard is that the schools have very similar attitudes. They both seem to be very student-friendly, and try to make the medical school as less-stressful as possible. The schools have different cirriculums, with Loyola having one class at a time, and Rush having a lot more class (9-5). This was a concern of mine, but the students gave me the impression that they dont have that much class or too much work outside of class (the key was too much work). As far as location, Rush is right in the city, and the areas are much nicer. Both the hospitals are great, and really well known in Chicago. Also, the clinical years are supposed to be great. Students have an opportunity to participate, instead of just watching. One major factor to me though is the religious aspect of Loyola. Many students at Loyola seem to be religious, attending mass quite often together. The cirriculum also seems to have a slight religious tone to it (although I hear it all second hand). This is a turn-off to me, but you might really like that.
Its really a tough call. Maybe try going back to both schools for another day. Either way, you have two good choices. Let me know what else you come up with. Good Luck!
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