Rutgers Newark MBS vs Drexel MBS

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Dec 18, 2019
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I recently received acceptance to Rutgers Newark MBS and Drexel MBS programs. I'm tied between which one to accept. Does anyone have any opinions on either program? I'm out of state and planning to pursue an MD.
Thank you!

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I can't speak for the difficulty of the programs, but Philly >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Newark. They're likely very similar otherwise, and neither will be significantly better than the other in terms of how much it will help your application.

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I did not attend any MBS programs, but I am very familiar with both cities. I do agree that Philly >>> Newark. But Newark is also very close to Manhattan.

NYC > Philly IMO.
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Philly may be better than Newark, but program wise Rutgers MBS hands down imo...Drexel MBS seems weak to me and it's two years=much more expensive