Jul 31, 2009
  1. Medical Student
First, sorry if my English is not so good.

I'm one of those that decided to join you in Neurology, doesn't seem there as many as in some other fields but anyway on to my question/discussion.

I've got a sample case I'm looking at off this sheet and was going to check out around online. I found this great forum, I will definitely start visiting this pretty often.

So anyway, to sum up what it says really quickly, the patient complains of daily pressure headache in right side ranging from annoying to painful and vertigo. Sometimes a feeling of paresthesia in left side of face.

Here is a scan I made of the axial MRI images and put together with my poor editing skills in Paint (I'm an artist :laugh:). I pointed an oddity I noticed out by the red arrow. Right image is T2. Left image is T1 Post contrast.


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