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May 23, 2020
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Wanting to make this public as a note to self because of my anxiety and I just want to know if i’m making the right choice
I supposedly start pharmacy school this fall’22 at wayne state university which is known to be an insanely rigorous program. But, after a long time of considering my options and making choices on the essence to not disappoint my family, i decided to just fend for myself and switch to physical therapy school.
Will this cause me to be two years behind because I need a bachelors degree? yes. Will this mean I need to take the GRE and start shadowing and apply all over again? Yes. Will this lead me to probably graduate at 28 instead of 26? (i’m 22)yes.
But if it will provide me my sanity, my anxiety to go away, doing a profession that is heavily on anatomy and biology (my strong suit), and something i’m just willing to put in the extra effort. I will do it by all means necessary.
I still haven’t spoken to my family about this decision yet besides my brother (who really doesn’t care what I do tbh) and I have a feeling there will be some who will be disappointed since i’m throwing away the chance to own 6 privately owned pharmacies all within either a clinic or a hospital and make a 200k salary but it’s my life and my happiness. To anyone reading this and thinking about pursuing pharmacy DONT unless your extremely passionate about it. Don’t be like me and ignore the mods who told me back in 2020 to pursue something different. I was always hesitant because I thought to myself “I already went this far, it’s too late now” but anytime before you start pharmacy school and aren’t in debt 30k in your first semester is a perfect chance. Do things for yourself and not for the satisfaction of others please. I’m learning the hard way but honestly couldn’t be more relieved. Wish me luck and pray my family doesn’t disown me.

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Oct 14, 2011
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Good luck. Keep connecting with us through the DPT forums. In the end, you need to be happy with what you do. Your family will support you because that is what family should do.
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