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Sep 2, 2006
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  1. Pre-Medical
I'm just wondering, how many of you guys took your mcat necessary
courses such gen. bio,chem,orgo,physics all together? Is there any reason
why someone shouldn't take bio1,chem1,physics1 all in the same semester and for the next? Does this make sence and then immidiately take the mcat. Oh and would you say that it is an extremely bad idea to take the test w/o orgo2? Just wondering thanx


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Jul 6, 2006
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  1. Attending Physician
I've heard of people taking Gen Bio, Chem, and Physics all in the same year, but most people I talk to take Gen Bio and Chem the first year, and Physics and Orgo the second year. I tested out of both Gen Bio and Physics, so I just took the Physics labs, one my second semester and one my third, and started taking upper level bio classes my second year. But if you're talking about being a freshman, you might just want to split them up over two years, because that's a LOT of science to take in one semester. If you're a senior that wants to take them to go to med school soon, make sure you understand your limits before you jump into it.

If you understood the concepts well in Orgo 1, you can probably get away with just teaching yourself orgo 2 for the MCAT, but you do need both for med school.
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