schedule for the last 6 weeks??

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Mar 27, 2008
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Hey all-
I was wondering your opinions on what order i should cover subjects in my last 4.5 weeks of study (without classes). By the time classes end, I will have covered musculoskeletal, renal, respiratory, cardio, gi, endocrine, and repro systems (including their anatomy, physio, path, and pharm). So, in 4.5 weeks I want to do the following:

-Neuro: 3 days
-Heme Onc: 3 days (listen to all goljan)
-Biochem: 3 days
-Immuno: 1 day
-Behavioral/Psych: 1 day
-Micro- feel good about the material, so just need 1 day for that and then 2 days to do the drugs on this one: 3 days

I also want 2 weeks of the 5 to be allotted to reviewing the old path systems i have already covered, and taking the nbme's as well as a simulated exam at my test center. Oh and 2 full days for a pharm/biochem/quick micro viruses review during the last week.

What do you guys think of this plan? The above schedule should also include reviewing all USMLE q's that I have done, as well as doing all the ones I haven't done, during this time allotted Do you think it's too much to do for the time?? I don't work as fast as most ppl on this forum ;) Thanks for the help:)


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Oct 14, 2005
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Our school curriculum was systems based, so we had physio/pharm/path/micro/etc. all mixed together. So when it came time for boards study, I preferred to start with the "building blocks" and move up towards the more complex in a manner similar to school curricula that are still subject based. Each subject building on the one before. Thus, for me...

Anatomy/Embryology | Physiology | Biochemistry | Cell & Molecular | Immunology | Microbiology | Neuro | Pathology | Behavioral | Pharm

When I'm done with that I'll do an organ system review in a bit different order than FA.

Stuff like micro and pharm could probably be shuffled to just about anywhere since it is mostly memorization, but I preferred to know the bugs before diseases, and know the diseases before treatment. Of course this is all review, but still...

I know that some prefer to order things from more complex to simpler so that they can repeat the difficult at the end and the simpler is still fresh and only has to be reviewed once. Still others focus less on difficulty and instead put less "crammable" subjects early, with memorization late. What is "memorizable" probably varies by the person.
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