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Jan 28, 2002
    Is there anyone who'd like to share their schedule for routinary activities outside medical school? I would really want to know exactly how much time people allot for studying, exercising and hobbies. Can you accommodate, say 10 hours a week of exercise during the first year?

    Dr. MAXY

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    Mar 13, 2002
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
      This is what my schedule will look like in my first year, it might change though.

      M,T,W,T,- 8-5 lectures, 5-7:30-dinner and Gym, 8-12/1 study

      Fridays, -8-5 lectures, 5 - 9pm -dinner and gym, 9-?-movie, go out, relax.

      Saturday- Study most of the day and do some house chores. At Night: relax/study or movies.

      Sunday: Church, then study all day and relax.
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      Feb 24, 2002
      Defintely Buffalo
        I'm going to be going to UB med in Aug.

        MY schedule looks great.

        Class everyday is from 8-12 or 1 pm. I plan to work out 1-2 hours everyday
        My parents want me to study 6-9 hours per day. I think 3-6 hours is plenty.

        I just hope to have a life outside of medical school.



        is a girl
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        May 6, 2002
        1. Medical Student
          six or nine hours a day? I couldn't imagine studying that much. eesh.

          Whatever my schedule turns out to be, I plan on being in bed by 11:30 "school nights" (ha.) I'm not much of a night person, so I'll have to get my studying done during the day.

          Doctora Foxy

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          Jan 29, 2002
          1. Medical Student
            My plan is to pretend I work 9-5ish

            I don't know my class schedule yet, but I think we mostly have afternoon classes, so I'll study from about 8am to 12, and then go to class :) After that is dinner and working out, and more studying if i need to

            OR....I might work out early in the morning and study later into the day


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            Feb 7, 2001
              Well, the 2 hrs/night worked for me. I got honors in most of my classes last year. I just really start to step that schedule up a week or two in advance of an upcoming exam. I also take Friday nights and Saturdays off unless, once again, there is an exam pending.

              6-9 hours / night is absolutely insane. There were maybe two people in my class that could pull that kind of study time off, and they did real well, however, they still didnt do that week in and week out.

              Just remember folks, you gotta have a life. Med school is just school. It isnt as all encompasing as alot people believe, especially the first two years. Dont, however, slack off. Keep on top of your studies, but make sure to stay grounded with what is going on in the world, do some community service, and do things you love to do.


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              Jan 30, 2002
                I'm trying to convert myself from a night person into a morning person. I've been working out in the morning and I hope to be able to continue that when med school starts. Nothing gets the day going like a good workout -- and then you've got afternoons and evenings free for studying and having a life. But it does require going to bed at a decent hour.


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                Feb 8, 2002
                  i am all about what docuw said.

                  i have class 8-12 and will sometimes have obligations (labs, clinical classes) in the afternoon.

                  i plan to chill and eat a good lunch after class and then either hit the gym to play basketball for an hour or two, or go to the rock climbing gym. then, i'll come home, shower, eat dinner, and study from 8 to 10. i'll then most likely listen to some music or watch some tv and be in bed no later than midnight.

                  weekends..friday nights will be for letting loose, saturdays will be for relaxing/climbing/grocery shopping/etc., sundays study about 4 to 5 hours.

                  when there will be exams this will change. saturdays won't be off, the gym won't be happening daily, and i'll be spending more of my weekday free time plugging away.

                  i think during prologue i'll need to study more in order to remember all of that damn anatomy and histology stuff, but once the integrated organ blocks start, i think i'll be able to pace myself a bit better.

                  of course, this is all in theory. i'll probably spend my sundays fighting myself to get away from the roadrules marathon on mtv only to go to the library and fool around on the internet. i really need to get disciplined again!

                  Dr. Kermit

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                  Aug 11, 2001
                  Bronx, NY
                    From what I've seen on my school's website and what I heard, I'll be in class from 9am-1pm and have clinical and lab obligations in the afternoons, but they won't extend to later than 5:30pm. So, after class, I intend on eating dinner and working out until 8:00pm or so. Then, I'll probably come home and kick back for 30 minutes while I talk to my boyfriend. I'll most likely study from 8:30-midnight. That studying time will include playing on the internet and studying in front of the TV. (I won't do hard core studying in front of the tube, but passive reading before class I will.)

                    Although my above plan could change b/c I've been used to waking up around 6:30am for the last year. So, I may just get my butt up and work out before class! In that case, I'll eat dinner until 6:30pm and be studying from 7-11pm and watching TV. The downfall of taking a year off is that I've become addicted to Real World, Dawson's Creek, and ER, in addition to the "Story" series on TLC !!!

                    I plan on studying as much as I can on the weekdays and Friday afternoons (my school is Jewish Orthodox and ends by noon on Fridays.) My boyfriend will be two hours away and his family lives close to my school, so I don't intend on being around much on the weekends. Although, I will be dragging my damned anatomy and histology stuff with me!


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                    Aug 24, 2001
                    La La land, having moved on with life.
                    1. Pre-Veterinary
                      One thing that I am going to do is get a tivo type system so that I don't have to worry about missing any TV shows that I want to see. If I'm on a roll studying at school, I won't have to make it home for friends. I could just watch all of my fav TV shows Sat morning without any of the commercials.


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                      May 9, 2002
                        Tivo is by far and away the greatest thing I've ever used. I got it as a present from my groomsmen a few years ago and it is fantastic. It's a bit pricey up front, but it actually decreases my TV watching time. I don't watch commercials, and I don't surf through channels. When I feel like watching TV, I see if there is anything good on Tivo, and if not, I'll go do something else b/c I can't stand just flipping channels anymore.

                        The difference between between a VCR and a Tivo is the same as the difference between a filing cabinet and a computer. Sure they both hold files, but the computer does so much more and holds many many more files.


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                        Feb 11, 2000
                        Washington, DC
                          I am going into my second year next month. Let's see, last year our schedule was pretty tight first semester. I don't remember doing much more than studying during the week. i did manage to work out like 4 times a week for a hour and a half. Weekdays were pretty much class from 8-5 or so, and a little less on T/Thurs. Sat, I would study like 5-10 hours depending on what I needed to do/exams. If I had something to do, I would study like from 10-3 then go out and have fun. On Sun, I had church in the morning until like 2, then I would study until like 11pm. It was intense, but second semester was nicer. Only 4 hours or so of class and lots of free time. I worked out a lot!


                          A la grande le puse Cuca
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                          Aug 2, 2002
                          Treasure Coast, FL
                          1. Attending Physician
                            Originally posted by Diogenes

                            More capacity, more automation.

                            I agree, but there is a downside. Since my TiVo updated to version 3.0, it has been freezing. It's very frustrating to grow attached to the comodity TiVo offers, but it's a pain when it fails.

                            I'll probably choose a couple of programs every week, CSI, ER, Friends, begin studying earlier to make up for the hours in front of the tube. Perhaps mute it during commercials while I review some notes or something.
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