Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students

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    Has anyone heard of this scholarship

    Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students Program – Technical Assistance | Bureau of Health Workforce

    Is it the same as the NHSC scholarship? I’m reading through the guidelines, and they explain this:

    The SDS program aims to increase the: 1) number of graduates practicing in primary care, 2) enrollment and retention of full-time students from disadvantaged backgrounds including students who are members of racial and ethnic minority groups, and 3) number of graduates working in medically underserved communities”

    I can’t tell if they require you to serve as a PCP, or if I just have to serve in a rural area.

    Edit: Nvm... Just read the deadline +pity+
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    This is not the NHSC Scholarship. The program that you are referencing appears to require participation/application from your school (in addition to application from the individual recipient).

    Unlike the NHSC Scholarship program, there appears to be no particular service requirement. There is a cap to coverage of tuition/fees with this program that does not exist with the NHSC Scholarship.

    There are many other differences that I noticed. These are simply two different programs that happen to both fall under HRSA.
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