School list help for MD/PhD?

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Sep 17, 2017
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White Michigan resident.
cGPA: 3.79
sGPA: 3.66
MCAT: 520

Hospital volunteering: 210 hours (lots of patient interaction, stopped due to covid)
Shadowing: 52 hours with a PCP

Non-clinical volunteering: 200 hours at soup kitchen (had to stop due to covid)

Research: 2000 hours, first-author pub, presented at university's Cell Bio conference

Employment: Lab assistant (media, glassware). Caregiver for mother

EC: Theater club on campus. As general board, I directed, produced and stage managed for a lot of shows. On elected board I was the conflict-resolution chair and I introduced new policies for the club.

Teaching: TAed one semester for intro bio lab

LORs: Good to neutral (1 neutral letter as a back-up). No MD LOR from physician I shadowed due to a medical crisis.

SCHOOL LIST (not necessarily looking to cutdown, just curious if it's too top-heavy, too out of my reach, useless to apply to a school, etc):
Albert Einstein
Case Western
Central Michigan
Rosalind Franklin
Boston U
Michigan State
New York Medical College
New York University*
Oakland University
Ohio State
Stony Brook
University of Chicago (Pritzker)*
University of Colorado
University of Michigan*
Wayne State
Western Michigan University

* denotes super-reach, but you miss 100% of the shots you don't take I guess. I posted this yesterday on regular-MD, but I realized that it's a little misguided. I realize that some of the schools on my list do not have an immediate MD/PhD program, but I'm applying still for the location.


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May 7, 2019
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Seems like a good list. I can't give any recommendations without knowing your research interests but in general I think you'll do well. If anything I think you can take off a few of the non MSTP MD/PhDs and replace with MSTPs to ensure you end up somewhere fully-funded and with a stipend.
Oct 11, 2007
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This is what I recommend... Examine your list against these resources on MSTP competitiveness and your Research area of interest. You should begin by making a list of matriculants/applicants of all MD/PhD programs by downloading the AAMC Table B-8 excel spreadsheet from this AAMC link. Then, highlight all of the currently funded MSTP programs. This exercise gives you an idea of how competitive some MSTP programs are relative to others. You will be surprised that some schools with significant name have marginal MD/PhD programs. You seem to already have selected your dream schools, now I suggest to only apply to programs that have at least 5 or 6 first-year slots among MSTPs that are less competitive (i.e.: less applicants/slot). We have to report to NIH (in our training tables) our applicant and matriculant Undergraduate cGPA range and mean. To have choices, you should have 10 dream programs (perhaps top 20 overall but with terrific program in your area of interest), another 5-10 match programs that are less competitive but have outstanding program in your area of interest. You should include a few, perhaps 5 of the less competitive MSTPs with class size of 5 or larger. You will have choices.... at some point, you might even triage interviews.