School List Help; Low MCAT, High GPA

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May 20, 2019
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Hi everyone, I recently retook my MCAT and got a score of 506 (128/124/126/128). I know that I will be applying DO but I do want to apply to MD schools, I just don't know which ones I should. My gpa is 3.81. I am Filipino-American, and an MA resident.

500 hours of clinical research in which we screen and enroll patients that come into the Emergency Department for various reasons (trauma, cardiac arrest, sepsis, gangrene, and others). Out of the 500 hours of clinical research, I've had 24 hours of being on-call in case I need to come into the hospital to help with enrollments. 140 hours of undergrad research.

100 hours of volunteering with a non-profit in which we help run programs for people with disabilities. 40 hours of volunteering in emergency department. 50+ hours of community service. Went on a week-long trip to Ecuador where I helped with mobile health clinics in different school communities.

My current list in no particular order:
  1. Rutgers Wood Johnson
  2. Howard
  3. Marshall
  4. Morehouse
  5. University of South Carolina
  6. University of South Carolina Greenville
  7. Texas Rio Grande
  8. WVU
  9. Wright State
  10. Robert Larner
  11. Geisinger Commonwealth
  12. Pennstate
  13. Albany
  14. Tulane
  15. Virginia Commonwealth
  16. Loyola
  17. Oakland William Beaumont
  18. Netter
  19. George Washington
  20. New York Medical College
  21. NOVA
  22. Rosalind Chicago
  23. California University
  24. Seton Hall
  25. Eastern Virginia
  26. Medical College of Wisconsin
  27. Tufts
  28. UMass
Any recommendations would be amazing, I just want a realistic idea of if there are any MDs I would have a shot at.

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These are the schools on your list where you could receive interviews:
  1. WVU
  2. Robert Larner
  3. Penn state
  4. Albany
  5. Virginia Commonwealth
  6. Loyola
  7. Oakland William Beaumont
  8. Netter
  9. George Washington
  10. New York Medical College
  11. NOVA
  12. Rosalind Chicago
  13. California University
  14. Seton Hall
  15. Eastern Virginia
  16. Medical College of Wisconsin
  17. Tufts
  18. UMass
Also consider these schools
Also apply to at least 6 DO schools and include UNECOM