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School Project - this is the only place open for answers


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Feb 4, 2005
    well i'm finishing high school soon and i have the last and most important project to do....we were able to choose our topic of research and i chose "Blood and Heart"....
    well it's going a little harder than i thought
    the thing is i can't find information anywhere why the mitral valve is biscupid and the other one is triscupid...
    i do realise that they're there to keep the blood from going backwards but i need to know why the one is biscupid and the other one triscupid.
    If anyone could help me with these information i'd be eternally greatfull...
    ps. english isn't my main language so i hope you understand what i asked.
    and also if moderators feel like this Thread has no place here...do what you have to do
    thanks in advance
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