Schools List Help; 516 and 3.85

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Feb 1, 2015
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Hi everyone! I am preparing to reapply. This past cycle I had 5 IIs, and ended up on 4 WLs. I could still hear back but as we head towards the end of May I'm starting to take my reapp more seriously.

  • cGPA/sGPA: both 3.85
  • MCAT: 516 (B 127/ CP 126/ CARS 131/ PS 132)
  • CA resident, some ties to PA (went to school there)
  • White female
  • Undergrad: Top 20 liberal arts college
  • ~2200 clinical hours
  • Research: 2 years of independent research resulting in a senior thesis and an abstract accepted to national conference that was canceled due to COVID
  • Not really shadowing outside of clinical hours mentioned above....exposure to primary care/family medicine and psychiatry
  • Non clinical volunteering: ~1000 hrs on campus, 200 hrs since graduating, ~400 hrs leadership/teaching on campus during undergrad

My school list last year was as follows, bolded are where I got IIs, **=WL.
  1. UCSF
  2. UCLA
  3. UCSD
  4. UCI
  5. UCR
  6. UCD
  7. Icahn
  8. Pitt**
  9. Case Western
  10. Rochester**
  11. USC
  12. Kaiser
  13. SLU**
  14. MCW
  15. Georgetown
  16. Tufts
  17. Jefferson**
  18. Temple
  19. Drexel
  20. NYMC
  21. Albany
For reapplying, I am planning on keeping most of these schools. I am considering taking off Icahn and Case Western since my MCAT is below their median accepted.

I would appreciate some suggestions of other schools I might want to take off as well as other schools that are friendly to OOS/CA residents and are reasonable for my stats! Thank you!

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Remove UC Riverside unless you are from that region. You could add these schools:
Western Michigan
Oakland Beaumont
Wayne State
USF Morsani
Virginia Commonwealth
Eastern Virginia
George Washington
Seton Hall
Boston University
Your application has nothing inherently weak as you got 5 IIs. I would apply to more schools this time around, at least 30. Faha has given some good suggestions. Emory, Cincinnati, Wake Forest are other good options.

If you don't end up getting off a waitlist this time around, make sure to revamp your essays and practice interviewing.
I definitely second Virginia Commonwealth. They like to see a lot of non-clinical volunteering and your independent research is a plus