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schools that emphasize DAT more


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Aug 15, 2002
    does anyone know of the schools that tend to emphasize the DAT more and may be more willing to forgive a lower GPA (due to one year). I have:

    Cum: 3.1
    Sci: 2.98
    Major (BIO): 3.27

    but i have made major improvements each year, since my horrific freshman year (2.4). I'm taking the DAT in May and i am trying to compile a list of schools to apply to. Thanks for the help!
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    Oct 5, 2003
    myrtle Beach, SC
    1. Dentist
      I noticed that a lot of schools state that they will look at recent performance, but I think only a few will seriously take it in to consideration. I also had a horrible first year. One school I would suggest for you to apply to would be UDM. I think they will seriously look at recent academic performance, also UISD. At less, these were the some of the schools that gave me a chance. Try also BU and NYU. If SDA definitely apply to LLU because that is all they care about.

      You must do well on the DAT. 20+ overall, and no less then 18 on any section. If you need to take the whole summer to study and be a little late in applying, then do it to get those scores.
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