Schools that have panel interview???

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by EarlyEditionDude, Dec 3, 2002.

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    Aug 15, 2001
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    Hey guys,

    I am curious, out of all the DO schools in U.S., how many of them have panel interviews and what schools have them?

    And finally, about how many questions are asked with this type of interview format compared to an individual (one-to-one) interview with the interviewee?

    Thanks ahead for your answers.

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  3. chilipina

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    Jul 9, 2001
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    re: panel interviews

    i know WVSOM, Touro, CCOM, and UHS has them. WVSOM definitely has a panel (director of admissions, PhD, and DO) and the other 3 schools state in their interview invite letters to expect a panel (most including a med student). i'm interviewing at CCOM tomorrow. the panel at WVSOM was really laid back, a bit intimidating b/c it's you against 3 but at the same time they were all very nice and the interview, overall, was very laidback.
  4. sfjohn

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    Nov 6, 2002
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    there are different types of panel interviews. touro: 3 interviewers interviewed me along with 2 other candidates. touro took this approach to see how candidates react to their fellow candidates' answers to questions. in this interview, it did not seem to me like the interviewers talked beforehand about what questions they were going to ask. they went in turn, each asking a different candidate a single question. i definitely spoke much less than during 1:1 interviews, but apparently body language, your exhibited stress level, and your interest in the other candidates' answers is equally important to what is coming out of your mouth -- says the dean at touro.

    other schools that i've interviewed at (ccom, western) interviewed me as the sole candidate, but i was questioned by multiple interviewers within a single interview session. this format has been similar to 1 on 1 interviews, and was very much conversational, in my experience.

    relax, be yourself, and it should go over well no matter what the format.

    by the way - it's "dude, ou est ma voiture?" en francais.

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