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Aug 1, 2002
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Just thought I'd ask everyone out there about schools that are known for being generous with financial aid. For example, my pre-med advisor said that Duke typically gives more financial aid in grants than most schools (at least in comparison to Ivies, who give out most of their aid in the form of loans). I've also heard that Wash U-STL is fairly generous, and even gives out a number of full merit scholarships.

Does anyone else out there have any idea about what schools are known for having deep pockets? I'm not opposed to the idea of going into debt to get the career I want (and I feel like I'll be pretty well equipped to pay back loans) it sure would be nice to have less of a financial burden. Any thoughts?


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Dec 1, 2001
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Mayo is great with aid (lots of students get a full ride, and those that don't only pay about 10 k a year). Stanford is super-generous with the grants (middle income assistance grants of 20k per year if you parents will do some fund matching). Duke, WashU, and Penn (I think) give some full rides.


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Jul 27, 2001
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I know people will disagree, but I firmly believe that if you want to save money, go to your local public school.


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Jan 20, 2001
Baltimore, MD
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Yep, I'll disagree.

Lots of large private institutions have huge financial reserves. Their deep pockets mean that students get generous aid packages, often making the "big expensive private school" cheaper than your local state school. The large private schools simply have large (multiple-billion dollar) endowments that state schools simply do not have.
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